What is Beautiful?

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29 Responses

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Autumn or Spring – Colourful, Peaceful

  2. Tina says:

    Beauty comes from inside us a rose starts as a seed and is nurtured by water and sun then turns into a beautiful rose!

  3. Michelle says:

    Beautiful is the sunset I see outside my bedroom window every day. I always make time to stop and stare. Pure, magnificent, Beautiful!

  4. Nicki Wilford says:

    Beauty is a glint in the eye, a turned up lip on the brink of a smile, a gentle tear in the eye and someone reaching out to hold your hand

  5. Elle says:

    Beauty ? What is beauty you say ? Beauty is nature , beauty is day , beauty is night , beauty is sight , beauty is love , love your beauty with all your heart 🙂

  6. Lynda says:

    Young, dawn, Spring, forest, one, past, punk, emotional support, mountain top

  7. Vicki Squair says:

    A radiant smile that has lived a life

  8. Karen says:

    grandmother/Granddaughter special time spent playing cards and reading books

  9. Siobhan says:

    Beauty surrounds us, it’s everywhere! Totally subjective, awesome and awe inspiring, its elegant simplicity and intricate complexity replicates humanity, all around the world and universe. Joy.

  10. kayleen Jordan says:

    Natural looking, fresh, clean and crisp appearance. That feels great and makes you want to go out and talk to people about your beauty regein

  11. Glynis says:

    Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and has confidence in their natural beauty and is not dictated to by fashion or what society deems beautiful at the time. Authenticity and a decent, kind nature that reflects in the face of a genuine person. A sense of humour adds a sparkle to the eyes….that’s beautiful!

  12. Naomi Coppard says:

    Kindness, compassion , empathy, birth of life.. Animal and human, blossom, the sea, the moon, peace and tranquility, music, my children 🙂

  13. Jodi says:

    Beautiful is deeply personal. If my eyes are closed, beautiful is the fragrance of the boronias wafting through the doorway. If I stand on the beach on a stormy day, beautiful is the raging torrent crashing into the sand with the wind whirling around my face. Beautiful is gazing at my children when they lay in their sleep and they melt my heart with their innocence inspite of the craziness of the day we’ve had. Beautiful is the inner strength within my sister as she endures her battle with chemotherapy, overcoming the barrage of psychological obstacles with doctors telling her to prepare for the worst. Beautiful is being with a woman when she is in labour and getting her through the pain of childbirth; lifting the baby onto her belly and standing back to watch her utter joy and exhileration while her husband is brought to tears at seeing his newborn child. Beautiful is an orange sunset. Beautiful is when your autistic child makes a friend. Beautiful is when you need to stop to listen to a piece of music and the world is shut out for those moments. Beautiful is being able to see peace in misery. In being able to love in grief. It is being able to give when it hurts. It is being able to smile when there is no joy. Beautiful is when you fill your heart with love and then give that love to others with no expectation that you will ever receive any of that love in return.

  14. The removal of high heel shoes at the end of a long working day! Beauty in itself!!!!

  15. Marina Domoney says:

    Real beauty radiates from within and has power, a true force. It penetrates the beholder and and causes a shift within them. Have you ever found yourself staring at someone or something in fascination? That’s the power that real beauty has.

  16. Tracey Clark says:

    Natural is beautiful,living and breathing is beautiful…the inside is what matters…beauty lives deep within the soul…

  17. Michelle Atwill says:

    I think beautiful is whatever gives you the warm fuzzies. It does not have to be something you see as it can be something you feel. All of those pictures have their own kind of beautiful.

  18. What is beauty?

    “There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness”

    Ayurveda believes that true beauty is composed of three vital elements: a well-nourished body, a balanced mind, and a peaceful spirit.

    There are three pillars to beauty

    – An outer beauty – radiant health resulting in beautiful skin and hair
    – Inner beauty – a good mind, confidence and a warm personality
    – Lasting beauty – peace and contentment.

    I think, as we get older our “life experiences” are what makes us beautiful.

    Some simple steps …

    Breathe – deep and slow

    Stretch – nourishes the tissue

    Turn down the noise – allows you to connect to yourself

    Discipline – weaving a little discipline into your daily routines can make big changes to your well-being

    Lighten up – life does not need to be too serious

    Eat for the spirit – eating should be an exercise of grace. Simple, local fresh healthy foods

    Develop a good self-image – Each of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Cultivate inner beauty through kindness, creativity and giving.

    Healthy water – the majority of our body is water …so yes it makes sense to drink good quality water.

    The beauty bath – a 15-minute self massage with luxurious oils and then a bath or shower is conducive to longevity and firmness of skin.

  19. Nicole Kuring says:

    Natural things are beautiful to me- extinct volcano’s, wild grassland plains, open spaces, clean air, the beauty and strength of the wind, rain, waves and my favourite the sun. The beauty of inner strength when meeting someone to know the hardships and triumphs to live another day.

  20. Catherine Perry says:

    Love ’em all; there is beauty in everything if we just open our eyes, and hearts, wide enough.

  21. sharon dorman says:

    beauty is what we want it to be

  22. Pippiajna Tui Jane says:

    Everything is beautiful in it’s own unrefined right.

  23. Vikki says:

    old, dawn, spring, forest, one, present, ballroom, emotional, mountain top
    Natural 🙂

  24. Theresa Cabot says:

    Beauty is impossible to define. It is personal and individual. It is informed by your life, your culture, your experiences. Perhaps beauty is confidence, or generosity or simply being comfortable with who you are.

  25. Fran Day says:

    I Love all things as all things have something beautiful about them from young to old,winter to summer and all of nature!

  26. Alison Prescott says:

    I think all the above pictures are beautiful all for different reasons and all in their own way, but my pick would be the elderly man who seems to radiate some inner beauty. Real beauty comes from within and I think this man is showing us just that.

  27. Samantha Prenter says:

    what is beauty? i think beauty is something is pure. Something in its most natural form. Wether is be young or old, autumn or spring, everything has its each values to be beautiful. Wether it be a new baby animal, nothing more pure and innocent, or a gentle old lady. But now something more personal to me about beauty, using world organic products i know its organic, quite pure, and its made me feel beauty again, by not having the need to wear makeup everyday to cover my impurities.

  28. Sandy Fackney says:

    I love the picture of the two hands together, for me it signifies trust and assurance.

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